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For cosmetics imported to China for the first time, Chinese importer needs to provide the following documents when applying for an inspection from CIQ: Please note that the documents required for bringing non-trade cosmetics(for example, product samples, R&D samples) into China are different. The total costs of application consist of three parts: Testing fee, risk evaluation fee charged by approved inspection authorities and consulting fee.The total costs vary among different service providers, quoted prices in various inspection authorities, and test items for the distinct usages of cosmetics.Please note that imported ordinary use cosmetics are approved by food & drug administration authorities at provinical level while imported special use cosmetics are approved by CFDA in Beijing.Special use cosmetics products for hair growth, hair dye, hair perm, hair removal, breast shaping, fitness, deodorizing, spots removal and sun block; Cosmetics with skin-whitening and skin pigmentation reduction claims will be classified as special use cosmetics (anti-freckle category) from 16th Dec 2013.Imported cosmetics are divided into two classes: ordinary cosmetics and special use cosmetics.Each class requires different type of license from CFDA.Generally speaking, the total application cost of record-keeping certificate for imported ordinary cosmetics is between 10,000 and 30,000 RMB per product.The total application cost of hygience license for imported specific use cosmetics is between 20,000 and 60,000 RMB per product.

Ms April Guo, CIRS China Specialized field: application for hygiene License, record-keeping certificate for imported cosmetics, safety evaluation of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients, standard labelling for cosmetics, SDFA registration, CIQ label, etc.This service costs RMB 100 - RMB 300 per ingredient depending on the number of cosmetic ingredients to be searched.Please note that the first ingredient search is free of charge.You can also request a consolidated list of IECIC(2014 draft) and IECIC(2003) free of charge by contacting [email protected] following documents are required for application of hygiene license or record keeping certificate: According to the official implementation of the national standard: Procedures and methods of safety evaluation for cosmetics (GB 7919-87), some of the following testing items are required depending on the types of finished cosmetics.Please contact [email protected] you would like to know what tests are required for your products.

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