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In just one week, the Boonville middle school student was sent to the principal’s office for refusing to take off his hoodie.

The next day it was detention for talking in the locker rooms when he was supposed to keep quiet.

And later that same afternoon he had a meeting with a juvenile officer for an incident that happened weeks before.

Maybe not about the 50 minutes her son would spend in detention over two days for a recent infraction, but about where he was headed.

Since second grade, Trenton’s parents estimate he’s been suspended as many as 10 times. Trenton now dreads school when he’s not missing it because of suspensions, they said, and is less trusting of his teachers.

Trenton Schoen, 12, walks home with a group of friends after school in December in Boonville.

It could also mean that two students got five suspensions each, for example.

Settled in 1810 (by Kentuckians, among others) and named for Daniel Boone, Boonville was enlarged as a fort during the War of 1812 and became an important trading post on the river and the Santa Fe Trail.

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Administrators of the Boonville R-1 School District recognize that a problem exists and have taken steps to address it, including creating smaller, alternative classrooms. Out-of-school suspensions are still a form of punishment in the district.“We’re not going to fix racism. We’re not going to fix hatred in the next 24 hours or this school year. He said he once had to stay home for a few days after throwing a chair in class last year. And they feel like if they retaliate, then they’re the bad person.

It’s a work in progress,” said Boonville Superintendent Sarah Marriott. When he’s called the slur, he said it makes him feel “like I’m nothing.”“I told him, ‘It’s just words.’ But, I mean, you can only take them words so many times,” Schoen said. They’re the ones getting kicked out of school.”“How do you explain racism to a 9-year-old and a 12-year-old?

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