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So you could say I am less successful than they are.And in truth, if you looked at their lifestyle and put me next to one on an airplane, at a business conference or in expensive restaurant, it could reinforce my inferiority. VP of Mc Donalds is probably sitting in First Class.In spite of leading the division to .1 billion in profits during her two years as president of the wealth management unit, in 2011 her job was eliminated.Sallie Krawcheck was given 20 minutes from the time she was told, until the announcement went out.The truth is we all want to be driven by happiness and meaning, but it is easy to get caught up in unnecessary status concerns and superficial comparisons.For instance, let’s say you decide that playing video games for 12 hours per day (because you have made enough money so you don’t have to work) is your life’s ultimate purpose and measure of success.We are constantly trying to compare ourselves to see how we measure up to those around us. I wish my boss acknowledged me like he does with Steve.Comparison and the drive for status is deep-rooted in our nature and that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

So, first class seat or not, I feel like I have a leg up on him. They want to judge their “success” based on how often they date, how attractive their date is, if they have sex.How many times do you see gorgeous women but feel too scared each time you want to talk to them?Do you know how you can court a lady who looks at you you just as a friend?We don’t learn this in school or even from our parents. Clients who have an unhealthy fixation on looks or wealth experience a lot of cognitive dissonance when trying to answer these hypothetical “would you rathers.” I used to play “would you rather..” with my son all the time.In fact, most of our societies measures of success is based on rules we are all expected to buy into and follow. So let’s play it with some that apply to other areas of your life…

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Founded in 1997, Relationship Coaching Institute has become a world class certification and training program for highly successful relationship coaches.

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