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There was, however, a third company completing the triumvirate that dominated the record business in the early 1900s. For a variety of reasons, Columbia has been less studied by scholars, and less loved by collectors, than Edison and Victor.

But my understanding is that, in most cases, the label design that was current when the record was initially issued is usually considered to be the more collectible.Columbia pressings become increasingly rare as the 1930s progressed (until of course, after ARC was bought out by CBS in 1938, after which they became as common as dirt).Speaking of Columbia being bought by ARC, an instance when a given pressing might be more desirable than another is when ARC began to use Columbia's old pressing facilities for Brunswicks, Melotones and other ARC labels.According to Note The Notes: An Illustrated History of the Columbia Record Label 1901 - 1958, your copy was made between 1905-1906.As for the earlier date indicated by the earlier catalog/matrix, that is very common for records that remained in the catalog for a long period of time.

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Those very early Columbia recordings can also be confusing in that, when Columbia came out with its double disc records in 1908, a great many of those early recordings were paired up and issued under a new catalog number.

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