Dating early pantograph

All inputs incorporate suitable EMI protection, and all internal electronic assemblies are enclosed in a dual Faraday cage.

Typical DPM dimensions are 240 x 175 x 40 mm with a mass of 3kg (including batteries).

See the company history page for photos of machines which work wood (Basket making, Gang Saws).

The various machine tool type categories are: Oversized Engravers catalog (10.5" x 13") 1925.

This data is used to indicate where impacts have occurred, and allows long-term trending of faults developing in particular areas.Intelligent power management allows long-term unattended operation, with the system powered from its internal batteries.The battery condition is monitored by the DPM, which gives an indication of when the batteries are approaching the end of their useful life.Thresholds for alarm levels can be programmed by the user.“By detecting these defects early, we can quickly make necessary repairs before they cause more serious damage which can lead to significant disruptions to the service and costs to the business." - Metro Express Background Electrically powered rail locomotives require good contact between the pantograph and overhead power line to maintain reliable service.

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