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He added: "Why the hell should guys show their height if women won't show their weight. A girl doesn't like a guy because of his height? When I used to use Tinder I believe one of the lines in the about me section was ‘I’m fatter in person’ and it honestly wasn’t a deal-breaker to a lot of men." And one person pointed out: "Why not both settings for everyone?Some men are turned off by taller women, and some women are turned off by fatter men." For more bonkers stories, this Bridezilla kicked a wedding guest out of her reception for "showing off" his military uniform.A MAN has called for Tinder to implement a 'weight setting' for woman - accusing ladies of 'fat-fishing'. "It annoys the living f*** out of me that women aren't held to the same societal standards regarding attraction that men are." Her then added: "I have no issue with a woman if she is fat. Also, it is totally okay with me if a woman isn't attracted to me because I'm 5'9"." And many people actually agreed with him. I’ve learned to immediately swipe left on closeup selfies but what are these women expecting?He said fat-fishing was like cat-fishing, when a person pretends to look like someone different online, but with their weight. "Just lie until you meet up and just hope he doesn’t care?As my grandmother always said, ‘everything in moderation.’ If you find yourself doing anything in the extreme, from extreme exercising to extreme binging, it’s a sign of poor health, in my opinion. To me I know I am healthier now than when I ‘looked healthy’ more than 80 lbs.

While there are significant studies that show that obesity makes a person more susceptible to heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, and other issues, that doesn’t mean that a person who weighs more carries additional health risks.“A person’s overall cardiovascular disease risk is made up of a combination of factors besides weight,” says a recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School.

At that time, I experienced chronic pain, blood pressure issues, and more legitimate health problem indicators than I do now.

When I quit it all, I gained weight and made a decision to find a way to embrace my appearance for the first time rather than succumb to feelings of hatred and failure.

Or I do weight lifting because it makes me feel strong and badass.

I know I feel better when I have more organic and fresh ingredients in my meals, so I make grocery shopping a fun adventure to try new fruits and veggies, or seek out interesting restaurants with locally-sourced ingredients to try on date nights.

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