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We believe that, by analyzing millions of variants of RNA at one time, we will help reveal the fundamentals of how RNA-binding proteins recognize what they’re seeking.”RNA, which stands for ribonucleic acid, is a type of small molecule similar in structure to DNA, the genetic blueprint for building and maintaining a living organism.While DNA resides inside a cell’s nucleus, strands of RNA move about the cell, carrying copies of DNA’s instructions for making proteins.Graduate molecular biology student Qin Zhou MS’16 is the lead author of the paper.Other authors include graduate students Vandita Bhat, Alexa Lasley and Nikesh Kunder, and undergraduate José Alberto De La Paz.Morcos, also an assistant professor of biological sciences, has developed powerful statistical methods to handle the immense volumes of data required to build a model that quantifies the space of a trillion possible RNA structures, and reveals which ones are better candidates for functional interactions.He describes this method as providing “a large number of pieces in a giant jigsaw puzzle,” allowing the team to predict adjacent pieces from contextual clues.“If the experiments cannot capture the exact RNA structure that evolution selected for interactions, it informs the model on how to infer those structures,” he said.This vague land of maybe-sorta was the purgatory into which singles of the twenty-first century had landed.

For Campbell and Morcos, the goal is to design new types of pharmacological agents that impede undesirable interactions that lead to disease or mimic the beneficial ones.“With an understanding of how recognition between partners occurs, we may learn a great deal about human physiology, as well as viral and bacterial genomes and liaisons that could be disrupted to improve human health,” Campbell said.

My own confidence seemed to be working against me, cruelly presenting as a lack of confidence, or that horrible feminine sin—desperation.

On Bumble, messaging first and fast could not be reframed as negative. I thumbed out a quick note: “Where were the sailing pictures taken?

Virtually all functions in our bodies require precise interactions between radically different types of molecules.

The vast majority of the time, these encounters yield nothing, but a special few sustain life as we know it. Faruck Morcos and Zachary Campbell at The University of Texas at Dallas are pursuing what differentiates a fruitful encounter from a dud — a mystery with long odds similar to finding a soul mate among the metaphorical millions of fish in the sea.

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