Dating girls with commitment issues

The perpetual romantic who bounces aimlessly from relationship to relationship may be afraid of commitment.

They may even get involved in a relationship for a brief while, sometimes not even weeks, and then drop it immediately.

The person may jump from unavailable crush to unavailable crush, fleeing when it looks like that person may want to give them more time or have a deeper relationship.

High expectations can serve as an excellent shield for a person with commitment issues.

Whatever the reason may be, these signs may point to someone with commitment issues who may not be ready, willing, or able to forge such a connection.

They can be the result of anything ranging from mental illness or being a trauma survivor to a plain and simple choice to maintain distance.

It can be exceedingly frustrating to try to formulate any concrete plans with this person for the future.

Building a close friendship is an investment in time, effort, and energy.

A person with commitment issues often wants to treat everything in a casual way and the language they use to describe their relationship, or previous relationships, often reflects it.

A person with commitment issues may shy away from making that kind of time and energy investment because they feel it won’t last.

They may be social butterflies, but their social relationships are often superficial with a large number of people rather than deep connections with a chosen few.

There are some people out there who claim to only experience attraction to people who are otherwise unavailable.

Unavailable can mean a person who is in another relationship, currently swamped under academic or work-related loads, is not emotionally or mentally healthy enough for a relationship, or has just been through a breakup where they haven’t healed from that relationship ending.

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