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A bold red is her go-to, but some mornings she’ll swipe on a soft rose or even a rich purple.She plays around with her hair color, too—right now her long locks and blunt-cut bangs are a bright teal and lavender ombré.Kaur has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram and even walked the runway at London Fashion Week last year.Her posts often show her living a normal life—selfies with Snapchat-filter flower crowns or close-ups of her smoky eye, like most 20-something women—she just also happens to have a beard.If it were, hirsute women wouldn’t avoid social situations because they’re self-conscious about their hair, as 68 percent of them do, according to a study in the Samson uses the word “humiliated” when recounting how she felt in 9th grade when a boy ridiculed her about needing to bleach her mustache. I dropped out.” Torres says that she shaved regularly for eight years, spending hours in the bathroom to get rid of her 5 o'clock shadow.

I think they're uncomfortable with people who are confident.”One such confident groundbreaker is Harnaam Kaur, a Sikh woman from Britain and arguably the most famous bearded woman today.

It wasn’t until a guidance counselor pulled her aside and asked if anyone was bothering her about her facial hair that she realized other people noticed it as much as she did. Hackleman used to shave three or four times every single day to hide her facial hair, a process she started at 13 years old. He would wax my face, but I just couldn’t get it under control. But women have been going to great lengths to eliminate unwanted hair since time immemorial.

(We’re probably just spending more money on it nowadays: Waxing will cost the average American woman more than ,000 over her lifetime.) Hair removal dates back to prehistoric times, when women used the sharpened edges of rocks as razors or pushed two shells together to create tweezers.

In ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Roman empire, women removed all of their body hair, and recipes for doing so exist from at least the days of the Pharaohs, says Jill Burke, Ph D, a senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and author of forthcoming book .

“In the Renaissance there was an explosion of treatments for facial appearance,” she says, “and hair removal became more popular in this era because of a new emphasis on the nude form.” In addition to pubic hair, women were removing leg hair, underarm hair, and upper lip hair, Burke explains. And all women—hirsute or not—may feel like the world is constantly telling them they have too much hair.

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