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“I grew to expect the bad days, but never got used to the name-calling and low blows she sent my way every time she had a tough day at work.

Ultimately, it was the thought of what she may put my parents through were we to marry that had me call it quits.

The gorgeous person you fell in love with becomes harder and harder to find. But in your mind they’re just hidden deep within this imposter Hyde.

Someone to love me, care for me and grow old with me. I let go and allowed myself to be vulnerable with him. And brief enough for me to minimise the unacceptable behaviour I’d just witnessed. The romantic, wonderful person hooks and reels you in. We do everything we can to appease Hyde to let Dr Jekyll give us some special time. The man I fell in love with and the damaged man that revealed himself later. But if I’d seen him as I see him now, things might have been different. While Ruhanika and Adarsh were quick to escape the clutches of seemingly bipolar partners, not everyone’s quite so lucky. The worst part is that you can’t ask your friends or family to weigh in. But it was brief enough for me to think: did I imagine him? The man I fell in love with wasn’t to blame for the abuse I suffered, that darker side wasn’t the ‘real him’. If only I could prove to him I was worthy of him, then that would be all he needed to nourish the good side and banish his bad side forever. The loving, romantic side was more a mask he’d learnt to wear to hide that fact. They know exactly what to say to reel you back in, especially after they’ve hurt you. And can even express their own shock or anger over Mr Hyde’s abhorrent behaviour. Anything but take responsibility for Hyde’s actions. Forever hoping for that ‘good side’ to return and stay for good. So, you try everything you can not to provoke an appearance. And you’ll be blamed for any abuse he (or she) dishes out. Especially as you start to see more and more of your partner’s darker side. We are desperate to get the wonderful Dr Jekyll back.

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Okay y’all, I’m pretty sure that we have a new couple on our hands, so please allow me to introduce our latest celeb pairing: Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid.

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