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He can sense something in it, something he knows but can’t quite remember. He starts doing things outside the parameters of his job. After all, what could be more frightening than where he’s already been? But, whoever they are, they forgot to wipe his mind. His voice shuddering out, he says, “I know it’s been too long.

He wakes in a sweat on his couch, breathing raggedly. He jumps up and runs to the door, out into the front yard. He runs back through the house — running like he’s finally lost his mind. With shaking hands, he punches in the number he should have called years ago.

On the way, he passes the local sheriff out investigating a case on one of the back roads. In town, he passes Jed’s Store and calls out a greeting to the owner. He looks out at the wilderness, the bare tree branches standing like white needles against the black sky, and he feels cursed.

He feels there is no room in his life for anything but himself and this curse, no matter how much others try to get close. Sometimes he thinks he sees things out of the corner of his eye — flashes of movement, colour.

He arrives home and then goes to work, arriving only a little late, and nobody notices anything different in him. That night he goes out onto the deck and has a can of beer and a cigarette while looking out onto the low mist.

Mallard followed in the footsteps of Lewis Harney and Dominic Holmes in taking on the role of Daniel Osbourne, who is currently caught up in the soap's 'Who Attacked Ken? Earlier this year, Rob Mallard publicly opened up about his sexuality "The only concern I had at first was if I'm with a female character, will an audience who knows I'm gay in real life believe it?

But that was just my own fears because I do believe they will," the actor explained.

He almost wishes the lights would stay off so he can get his night vision, but it will be too late. There’s that strange inhuman noise again — not a voice, not a foot fall, but an unnatural, metallic, insect like rattling. Whatever it is, his mind doesn’t pause to identify it, passed identifying it as: WRONG. He doesn’t care where, as long as it’s away from this thing. The air explodes out of his lungs and he swears under his breath. He gets up and walks out of the kitchen, out of the house, across the yard. He walks on alone, stumbling, feeling for his way and it strikes him that this is what life has been for him — blindly stumbling, not knowing where he is going.

He spins around, looking back down the corridor, searching in the light and the darkness for his hunter. His breath freezes and he glances hastily around the room, looking for differences in the shadows. But the unnatural sound has ceased with the lights.

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