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Nothing as elevated as losing 10 pounds in the gym, a better diet or quit smoking; the mind of a young Rwandan adult revolves around the quest to find the right one and get married.Hence your role in Rwandan society is fairly straightforward: you are either single or married.Hence the one task a man is tasked with in life (although being less pressurized than the opposite sex) seems not out of reach.Adding to the odds are friends and colleagues who are always more than ready to present you some of their families’ best in terms of women offspring, which made me fortunate enough to meet just some of Rwandan female singles out there.Being single in Africa introduces me to a whole new world of twitches and turns having to do with the concept of being single in a foreign country.Being single is a defining social marker in Rwandese society and one of the characteristics, like my nationality, I am being asked for many times over (as opposed to age or any other basic information that doesn’t seem to match the relevance of my maritial status).Now getting in contact with and dating is an interesting experience.A simple mutual affirming smile can trigger one of the two involved to inquire how the other is doing.

To further simplify thing, in fact, there is only one real category: being married.

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Hi there, I'm a very positive person who sees the best in life and people. I love art, music, history Hi there, I'm a very positive person who sees the best in life and I.

After both expressed a general sense of well-being, numbers are exchanged and quite shamelessly the question is being asked on whether I have a girlfriend, or the more funny variant ‘how many girlfriends you have? When answering the question in the negative the storm isn’t quite over yet.

You see, singleness is not as a homogenous concept as you might think; While there are only two categories, singleness tends to be a very broad one; there is singleness and singleness…

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