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Or that you see each other every Tuesday when you play racquetball? A relationship needs to have some key elements in order to be labeled as friendship.

It's not enough to see a person at, say, book group each week and enjoy their company.

In order for a friend to truly be considered a friend, he or she has to also believe you are their friend also.

This can get tricky because most people have a different idea of what friendship really means.

Or perhaps they already have a lot of friends and therefore wouldn't consider someone they occasionally at social events a friend.

It should go without saying that real friends make you feel good, as opposed to bring you down.

This isn't to say that after you have established a friendship, you can't still be friends with them once they move away.

However, in order to have a real friendship, you have to spend time with each other.

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Other people, however, might act "friendly" with someone but not consider them a friend for quite a while.

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