Dating matching hypothesis

If you have difficulty in making new friends, you will find much easier with an online dating site.With two out of five single people in the UK now using online dating services, you have millions of people to choose from.The participant usually chose the person rated as most attractive; however, the study has very flawed ecological validity as the relationship was certain, and in real life people wouldn’t be certain hence are still more likely to choose someone of equal attractiveness to avoid possible rejection.

The study had greater ecological validity than the original study, and the finding was that partners that were similar in terms of physical attractiveness expressed the most liking for each other – a finding that supports the matching hypothesis. Hatfield, E & Sprecher, S 2009, 'Matching hypothesis', in Reis, HT & Sprecher, S (eds), , edited by Harry T. Online dating requires a strategy to become a success, if you are considering online dating, or have tried in the past with poor results, it is time to rethink your approach.Think of the online dating site population as a virtual bar that spans the entire United States; as you might guess from your own experience, an initiator’s physical attractiveness is not directly correlated to the attractiveness of those they choose to contact.Instead, users tend to contact people who are attractive than themselves.

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