Dating nice guy but not attracted

Perhaps there is a unique style to your appearance or perhaps you worked on your linguistic skills and you are more eloquent than the average guy out there – those are just a few other random, simple ways in which you can stand out and be more attractive to women. The bottoms line is this: being a nice guy is great and you shouldn’t change that about yourself.

But, you should be nice and something more than just that – that something that makes you attractive and even sexually desirable to women – you must possess the qualities that distinguish you and set forth your masculinity clearly to the opposite sex.

Why is it that women do not find desirable the kinds of gusy which fit the criteria of what they want in a guy?

Why is it that they ask for a sweet, caring, genuine, generous guy, but once they meet one, they get bored so quickly and they can’t wait to move on because they just feel that “there is no chemistry there.” In order to understand this fascinating phenomenon, it is crucial that you realize and remember that there is a fundamental difference between being a nice guy and being an guy.

Women who love talking to a guy and think they’re great, but get turned off once they have intimate moments.

Women who have friends who tell them that they’re being shallow.

Many sources of dating advice suggest that women are not attracted to, and are not interested in, dating “nice” guys.

However, few of those sources bother to explain why – why don’t women find the so called nice guys attractive and desirable?

There has to be something else in a guy she will be attracted to, beyond being nice – he has to show that masculinity that manifests itself in confidence, sense of humor and standing out from the rest of the guys in simple but obvious ways. You might be different because you have a certain rare hobby that captures your soul and consumes a lot of your time.

It’s still likely there, but when things change with time (like our bodies, the state of our health, our hair, the lines on our face), our partnerships are about much deeper things.

Having someone there who you’re emotionally aligned with, who carries great conversation, who you can count on, and who listens and cares about you tends to become more important than whether or not he looks hot.

Did you ever ask yourself – what does it mean being attractive to a woman?

Well, in short it means being an interesting individual who has qualities that make him an interesting and a good company.

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I asked a co-worker if she could date someone she wasn’t physically attracted to. “Because then it’s like you feel repulsed.” The way I see it, you don’t have to be physically attracted to someone to give them a chance. A guy who is caring and really gives of his time and himself to help others. All of these things and more can eventually cause you to look at a fella you once considered less than desirable and give him the eye.

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