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Confidence plays an important role in dating and effective communication with women. Most guys that are successful with women are often the bad guys..kind of guys the nice guys call the bad guys, but the get most of the beautiful girls The bad guys don't usually give lots of compliments, they don't treat women like gold but they still have pretty girls beat a path to their homes.I once got a mail from a guy about another guy who is trying to take away his girlfriend, according to the guy the intruder is just using his girl friend, he is pretty sure he doesn't love her that's actually why he mailed me - to inquire why his girlfriend is falling for a public jerk, who everybody know to be a bad guy.I was there for her,with her,by her side, financially, educationally.Think of anything good and lovely a guy would do for a girl I did all to my knowing.To sum it all I was a gardener to her and you know what a gardener does, a gardener beautifies, I made her better than she was when we started dating.In all it was a beautiful experience while it lasted.Girls and even the world knows that if you have it going for you, you would be out-spoken and confident, if you think you are handsome and cool and great, you would be confident, you would approach the world and talk to people with more confidence and less inferiority complex, so when you walk to a pretty girl and forget what you need to say, it means you yet to fix your game, it means you're still scared of women..means you are not yet ready to have them, it is another way of telling them you are not yet matured enough.And pretty Nigerian girls don't date guys that are not matured enough, you probably land among the many that get them today, and a more tougher guy shows up tomorrow and you would be shelved aside.

“It was crazy,” a 26-year-old journalist says, recalling the sudden attention he got from young women in his office when he wore a ring on his fourth finger.Whereas ethnicity is less of a barrier to love in Nigeria’s cosmopolitan commercial capital, Christian-Muslim unions are still frowned upon.Parents also put pressure on their children to find a partner, inviting men over for dinner or sending women to meet their sons.It happened that my first date lasted for 4 years and I can tell that all through these years I never cheated on her,not because she was too beautiful to resist or too catchy to leave but I have this believe that to be responsible is to be faithful and to be faithful is to be God fearing.With these in mind, I gave my all to the relationship.

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