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Striking and atmospheric, The George Inn is London’s last galleried inn, although an older incarnation of the public house was destroyed by fire in 1676.Sitting on the south side of London Bridge, The George Inn has several bars, and one of them was often visited by Charles Dickens back in the day.The Spaniards Inn dates all the way back to 1585 and is still a well-known boozer on the edge of Hampstead Heath to this day.It is said that The Spaniards Inn was a popular drinking spot of John Keats, one of the famous Romantic poets, and also Charles Dickens.

It is thought that a pub has stood on these premises since 1538, making it one of London’s oldest public houses.

However, when you do find Ye Olde Mitre, you’re in for a treat. Queen Elizabeth I is said to have once danced around a cherry tree in its back garden with Sir Christopher Hatton, one of her favourite subjects, whom Hatton Garden is named after.

The pub is also situated near a historic part of the city where William Wallace was hung, drawn and quartered at Smithfield, along with martyrs and traitors who were also killed nearby.

Along with literary greats, it is thought that Dick Turpin, the most famous highwayman in history also visited The Spaniards Inn on occasion.

Now a Grade II listed building, The Spaniards Inn oozes charm.

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