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Put another way, think of it as well-spent financial and mental health insurance.

Despite years of warnings from the media, law enforcement and private investigators, the number of reported romance scams in the Philippines remains high and shows no sign of abating.

A group of con artists, who act in a concerted way to draw the victim in, make him (or her) fall in love and then convince the victim to pay a dowry to “parents”, buy them a house, invest in a house for the fiancée and victim to share or otherwise part with small and large amount of money.

We also advise for corporate customers to perform due diligence before conducting any business., e Bay, and others have high incidents of fraud and themselves warn any customers of steps to take before completing any monetary transactions.

Other Filipinas may just be seeking a better life and visa to live in Australia, the U. Stay safe and verify your online dating partner in the Philippines!

Overseas dating scams and fraud are growing phenomenon, as ripe pickings and difficult law enforcement create an environment in which scammers can operate with little risk.

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Experts say even the most cautious and the most skeptical can be a victim, so it’s essential to consult a reputable private investigation firm to verify your online contact. Investigators say many clients decide to contact a private investigator after the damage is done, and money is lost, rather than early in the relationship.

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