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Near the outskirts of Pearl City, the Remond Grove, an area where people could be entertained with piano, banjo, trumpet, and saxophone performances, was a popular entertainment spot in the early 1900s.

Population: 28,460Founded: 1905 Age: 113 Mililani sits on former plantation fields owned by Castle & Cooke, which began planning for its development in the early 1960s under its Oceanic Properties subsidiary.

Population: 11,072Founded: 1905 Age: 113 In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson designated 322 acres (1.30 km2) of land on Mokapu Peninsula for the military.

The Kuwaahoe Military Reservation, became known later, in 1942 as Fort Hase. In 1939, the Navy constructed a small seaplane base and upon its completion, Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay’s role was expanded to include the administration of the Kaneohe Bay Naval Defense Sea Area.

During wartime, spears with white flags attached were set up at each end of the city of refuge.

Lots for an as-yet-to-exist ‘Pearl City’ went on sale in 1889, after completion of the actual rail line.Population: 45,579 Founded: 1903 Age: 115 Around 1100 AD, the first Hilo inhabitants arrived, bringing with them Polynesian knowledge and traditions.Although archaeological evidence is scant, oral history has many references to people living in Hilo, along the Wailuku and Wailoa rivers during the time of ancient Hawaii.Traditional cities of refuge were abolished in 1819.Population: 47,241 Founded: 1905 Age: 113 Early-day Pearl City had an array of rice paddies and fields that were plowed with water buffalo that would haul a two-wheeled cart.

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Castle & Cooke’s plan was to make Mililani Town a satellite city by using a prestigious group of planners and architects to satisfy Oahu’s great pent-up demand for housing with a sensitively designed, affordable new community of a type unique in Hawaii.

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