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used to be a "hidden gem" for sex dating but I think it has gotten worse. Some fake profiles but after a few days you will learn how to avoid them.I have never used those before, so I dont really know where to look for those. POF and Okcupid are free, the german dating sites usually charge. The number of members isn't high, but at least it's free to use and still has more german members than POF. I haven't used it myself, but I used to work with someone who did meet people through it.

: Pmeetic is at least not a scam, and they have lots of people on there.

Okcupid is still pretty cool, but in my city of 250000 people there are like 5 female members. Parship, POF, Okcupid, friendscout24 and a fifth one, can't remember the name.

Craigslist does also exist for Germany, but really nobody uses it. Also, a friend told me to just use regular chatrooms. All of them have very few members compared to what I've seen from US dating sites.

Yep like /u/Myneria my circle of friends contains a good amount of singles in that age range.

I personally never tend to have serious relationships myself.

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Most people that I know, who I work with, are in their late 20s. Maybe it's my narrow selection of people around me that forms a bias, but it looks like people tend to form very strong long term relationships at this age, at least in Berlin. However I only know people who are not single that go there.

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