Dating someone in a gang

It’s a sad commentary that for some young people, gangs function as surrogate families.Making a teenager feel loved and accepted for who he is at home eliminates much of the lure of a gang in the first place.A member of a gang may be called a "gangster", a "gang banger", or, less specifically, a "thug".

Granted, the prevalence is highest in large cities, with 74 percent of those jurisdictions acknowledging the presence of gangs.They’re not the youngsters who are staying out all night and getting mixed up in crime and turf wars.”The National Parent-Teacher Association recommends that parents contact their local police department to get a sense of the extent of gang activity, if any, in their community and schools.Teenagers who are most vulnerable to the lure of gangs include those on the fringes of the social hierarchy.The Russian, Chechen, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian, and other former Soviet organized crime groups or "Bratvas" have many members and associates affiliated with their various sorts of organized crime, but no statistics are available.The Yakuza are among one of the largest criminal organizations in the world.

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In discussing the banditry in American history Barrington Moore, Jr.

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