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Between the years 1833 to 1847 the company, then known as Copeland and Garrett, usually printed backstamps on its pieces, but also impressed backstamps occasionally.Between the years 18 the Copeland family owned the company entirely and typically printed backstamps with a variation on the Copeland family name on its products.

One of the most comprehensive books available on Copeland Spode china is "Spode & Copeland Marks and Other Relevant Intelligence," written by Robert Copeland.After 1970, the company changed its name to Spode and began using a newly standardized printed backstamp on all of its products. Shop Spode Christmas Tree Tea Cup and Saucer: Kitchen & Dining Spode christmas tree has. From The Waterford Fine Bone China Collection, This Lush. “The largest Ohio State football blog on the planet and your first stop for news, ***ysis, video, recruiting and more” — Dating spode christmas tree china | Eleven Warriors. Spode China Sets - 14 products for Spode China Sets. spode penny lane, spode summer palace, spode lamps, dating spode, spode. birds, and hunting dogs surrounded by a brown and white flower design dating. This book details more than 300 individual backstamps.Typically, Coleman Spode china products featured a pattern code that allowed customers to tell the year and month in which a particular piece was made, but these changed frequently over the years the company spent in business.

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dish and salt and pepper shakers featuring Spode's beloved Christmas Tree. Spode China: Spode Christmas Tree | Part #: 1512696 | UPC: 749151512696...

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