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Until then, the Ezekiel plates are still a marvel – both in the text they contain and the manner in which they were apparently discovered.

First, each marble or black basalt tile is about 12 inches square and contains raised lettering on one side in an ancient Hebraic script, with no spaces between the words.

These do not change the message of the prophet to any extent, but they may provide hidden clues to Jewish scholars on certain mysteries surrounding the prophet, Zwebner recently told The Christian Edition.“The lack of differences could also highlight the authenticity of this incredible book shared by Jews and Christians,” he added.

The tiles’ authenticity is also open to question because the time and location of the find, as well as its chain of custody, are not as well documented as scholars now demand for wider acceptance.

More than any other OT prophet, Ezekiel frequently dated events, his particular visions, and prophecies.

One such Talmudic legend held that the original book of Ezekiel was buried with the prophet in his tomb and was left there to be revealed in the last days.

Whether or not that legend turns out to be true, Ezekiel remains the most mysterious of the Hebrew prophets and his writings – with their accounts of strange flying objects and other rare “visions of God” – are reserved by strictly observant Jews only for the most learned.

Examples of such raised lettering are known from the distant past, though most ancient stone tablets had the words etched or chiseled into the stone.

This particular bas-relief work would have been tedious and required masterful skills.

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Yet they have still lived in relative obscurity, drawing few crowds and even less scholarly attention.

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