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You get to see what they’ve written, so you don’t need to worry about turning up on a date to discover that your friend has painted you as a triple jointed Tantric sex specialist who springs from bed to got for a ten mile run at 6AM and then has little birds to dress them.Having your friend do the scrolling and picking means that you don’t get to see any rejections, and all the most meh candidates can be screened out nice and early, which, if you’re suffering from dating fatigue, could be great.That's not to say it doesn't sometimes work, but it's nice to have that initial comfort and thing in common."Knowing who someone's friends are gives you "a better idea of who they really are", she adds. "Sometimes if you tell a friend you think their friend is hot, they get weird about it."Obviously it can have the opposite effect if your mutual acquaintances are people that you don't get on with," she adds. They don’t want to set you up in case things get more weird – maybe you get on really well and they feel sidelined.Unless you want to hook up with a pilot, in which case good for you).Wingman uses information from your Facebook, a bit like Tinder does, but also gives your friend the option to write what’s so great about you, and basically do a lovely PR job on you.— Jessie wants to take your guns away Losch❄️ (@Jessie Losch) April 2, 2018For some people, the idea of being easily discoverable to their Facebook connections on a dating app may be a step too far – especially as many of those "friends" will be nothing more than acquaintances or people they've never even met.(The idea of a former colleague or estranged ex partner being able to read your dating-app bio and scroll through your selfies might make you cringe.) secure as they navigate the murky world of dating apps, and could even embolden them to reach out to people they wouldn't otherwise have the courage to talk out to.

Saskia hasn't discounted the importance of mutual connections in meeting a significant other, though, particularly with dating apps.It’s important to gather intel and get receipts so I would definitely ask mutual friends about potential baes."The friends-of-friends arrangement hasn't worked out well for 32-year-old Saskia, however, who once matched with someone who knew her younger brother on Tinder (who she could see was a mutual Facebook friend)."That was my opening line – 'Hey, how do you know my brother?It would be good if dating apps used twitter instead of Facebook."Mutual friends include @Barack Obama, @Ibra_official and @Debra Messing." Great, set me up with THAT guy!!

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