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“If you see someone interesting online, you make a connection and, if he agrees, you set up a date to meet for coffee or something.” And an older dater's life experiences also allow him or her to quickly suss out when they don't want to get involved. “And if you don't, at least you'll have spent time doing something you enjoy.” •Pick a catchy screen name.

During a recent date, Bancroft was sitting in her companion's car when he lifted the lid of the center console to reveal what appeared to be a stack of 0 bills. “It was like he was trying to impress me with his money,” Bancroft, 70, said later. Instead of something forgettable, such as “San Antonio Mary,” try “Piano Baby” if you play the instrument, or “Sunset Painter” if you do watercolors.

“Sure, your friends and relatives will try to set you up, but that runs out quickly,” she says.

“Dating sites let you cast a wider net, so you can meet people who live beyond the 5 to 10 miles where you live.” They also help find people of similar values and interests. But just as you may not be able to find a specialty olive oil in a Wal-Mart Supercenter, smaller “boutique” sites offer more targeted connections, according to Sandy Weiner, founder of the dating coach website Last First

That’s why the majority of people are now choosing online dating as the way forward.

Even though it’s imaginable to be introduced to someone through family or friends, as more and more people settle down and pair off, it becomes increasingly difficult to connect with compatible, single people.

We believe in real romance and relationships that last.

Divorced for six years and set to turn 65 next month, he combines both old- and new-school strategies to meet people. But as those new to the midlife singles scene quickly learn, dating is a whole other ballgame when you're closer to retirement age than the senior prom.This is one of the key reasons why people are choosing a Thai dating app or Thai dating site to meet someone who shares their values, relationship goals and background.Elite Singles can help you meet your match, and here’s how.Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are 2,500 online dating sites in the United States, although fewer than 25 are considered “major,” meaning they have more than 1 million current, active and unique members. There's for Jewish singles; Marry Me for those tired of the singles scene and looking for lifelong love;, which matches people based on their taste in books; and even Star Trek for those willing to — wait for it — go where no man (or woman) has gone before.Whichever sites you sign on to (and experts recommend registering with more than one), success requires more than dipping a toe in the water. “It's like looking for your dream job, only better,” says Spira.

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