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The actress has said that, now that she's a mother, she only wants to take on parts that are really meaningful to her, so it looks like she may be more selective for her roles in the upcoming years, but we're still excited to see what she does in the future.

Here's a look at what Rory, Lorelai, Luke, and, of course, Kirk, have been up to since the show ended.Despite the fact that Ventimiglia wants to now keep his personal life quiet, he showed that he's still willing to bare it all in the show's memorable pilot, where he engaged in one of the most talked about nude scenes ever on broadcast TV., an adaptation of the Tucker Max novel of the same name.In 2003, he started a production company, Divide Pictures, with best friend Russ Cundiff.David played Rory's father and has since appeared in a few movies. He's best known though for starring in Cracked and more recently in Proof as Dr.

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  1. If we are constantly "ready for battle" no one will feel comfortable communicating w/ us let alone sharing their innermost thoughts (something very much needed in a marriage especially).

  2. It turned out that the only detail she’d falsified in her dating profile was her age. And of course, the tequila was charting a course as well. ♦◊♦ We watched an episode over a first glass or rosé.