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You're what kept me going."I wanted to believe him, but I wanted to be sure, and I wanted him to be, too."We had one night, Chavez. I want to have someone, somewhere, who's waiting for me. The only time I felt as if I belonged anywhere was when I was here with you.""What are you saying? "I know a girl like you and a guy like me - you probably forgot about me the instant I walked out that door."I let a small laugh escape.

The world is a mess, Kit.""I've noticed.""Through everything, I remembered you. I hope you feel the same way."I hesitated and his shoulders sagged.

Just another Saturday and I didn't have anybody. I dreamed of Chavez all the time, and in my dreams he was with me. "Don't forget the silver bullets.""How could I when they worked so well? "I was thinking - love has always been stronger than anything.""I agree.""Maybe it wasn't so much the sex that killed that demon as the love.""You could be right.""So the more love we make - ""You don't need an excuse, Zac.""Then...?

For him, the gift of his name went deeper than the gift of his body."My life without you isn't much of a life.

Not the man who'd left on a quest only three months ago."Why did you come? "I - I need you.""Okay." I tangled my fingers with his and started for the bedroom. I had to - ""Protect me." I smiled, and some of his tension eased. I'm safe now because of you and I'm grateful.""I don't want you to be grateful," he growled."What do you want me to be? I didn't want that hope to die."I love you, too, Zac."He smiled at my use of his name.

Manufactured intimacy in exchange for the death of evil - or at least one little piece of it.""We had sex.""I know.""For me, it was more."My eyes widened; my breath caught. He didn't seem to have that problem."I was crazy for you from the first moment I saw you, but I couldn't touch you. "You're kind of unforgettable."Hope lit his eyes.

He knew about the ugliness that lived beneath the beauty. He'd said he liked women with glasses, women who read. I couldn't believe Chavez had the balls tobe angry. Hmm, let me think." Chavez tapped his fingernail against his chin. In every one lies a little of him.""You're more like me than you want to believe," Satan whispered.Iput my hand on Chavez's shoulder and spun himaround. "Just because Samantha suggested that removing the virginity the demon craved might be the answer doesn't mean I don't care about you."The demon in the doorway began to laugh."You shut up! I still wasn't going to thank him."So the earth moved for you, Kit? I was hoping he'd begin to cry, "I'm melting! Instead, he straightened and lowered his hands from his face. When I was inside you for that brief time, I felt at home.""Fuck you," Chavez snarled. And you aren't getting back in."He yanked a cigarette from his pants and hurriedly lit the end."You knew that sacrificing the virginity would work as well as sacrificing the virgin."No wonder he'd been so insistent that he wasn't going to kill me. I'm not sure why the truth hadn't occurred to me before now. "I didn't even glance his way, instead holding Chavez's eyes. I tensed, expecting something ugly, but he appeared exactly the same."Quit being childish," he snapped. You're the only chance the human race has got.""Why me? His hand shook, causing the devil to smirk and me to take a single step closer.I stared at the place where he'd been for several seconds before I lifted my gaze to Chavez. ""It doesn't work like that.""Howdoes it work?""Thereis an end of time, except no one's been able to figure out the exact date.

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