Desire news widget not updating

In Program Settings, change Reset Data Cache to “ON”.For an overview of the features available on Weather Pro please visit select the relevant device.Please check for support messages on Twitter: or at Twitter News on If there is no service problem then it could be an issue with your internet connection. If a connection is available but Weather Pro is still not working, please contact our support team.

To delete a favourite just press the red button next to the location you wish to delete and then confirm.Please note that if your internet connection works but you are still experiencing data problems then Weather Pro may try to load old data.To stop this, please go to Settings (in your device, not in the app itself) and select Weather Pro.To activate Weather Pro’s Live Wallpaper go to Menu / Wallpapers / Live Wallpapers.Scroll down, select “Weather Pro Live Wallpaper” and choose your favourite location by tapping on "Settings".

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Clicking on the title bar (with the place name, date etc) makes the “L” appear or disappear and adjusts the time zone accordingly.

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