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But, when the SQL engine is processing the statement, if it's expecting a string, then you have to tell it that it is a string by surrounding it with either single quotes or double quotes.However, if you are already delineating a string using one of the quotes, then if you need to delineate another string, you need to use the other quote or double up on the quote. However, what the SQL processor sees it without the quotes. Robert The code I was originally trying to run was an UPDATE query, but my code stops on the SQL= statement. Robert Public Sub Update Full Path() Dim SQL As String SQL = "UPDATE tbl Runsheet SET tbl Runsheet. So, I tried running a simple SELECT * FROM tbl Runsheet. The article could have been more explicit regarding the quotes since the mistake is very common. If doing a select query dynamically then you would have to first create the querydef to open a select query. I would create a query where I would concatenate Path, Vol and Pg and show Full Path in this query. The source you mentioned states it's for "action queries" and also uses the single quotes like I provided. If you want to open a select query you need to use docmd.openquery method.

We use the SQL UPDATE statement in MS Access when we need to replace some data in all the fields of some columns of our table or when we want to change the specific record, but it is located in many tables at the same time. Run SQL calls the user interface to check all parameters, which causes a warning about the access level, and then these parameters are sent to the database handler.Do you need to use Insert, Update and Delete SQL queries?If so, in this guide, I’m going to show you how to apply those types of queries in MS Access. Insert queries can be used to insert records from one table into another table, or from a query into a table.The records inserted will be appended into that table (rather than replace the previous records).This feature is especially useful if you want to create an Archive table.

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You can always use a combinations of Insert and Update queries.

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