Does online dating make me desperate

They certainly do a good job of making singledom look attractive, and, the better a website does this, the less inclined a person is to get or remain partnered up, and the more likely they are to return to the singles experience and the addictiveness of surfing online profiles.

The excitement of receiving a new message, the ability to scan hundreds of eligible profiles, the ease of initiating contact with an attractive single person.

The basics of online dating are pretty straightforward.

People create profiles, which they fill with basic physical and personality traits in the hope of getting matched up with someone who is looking for that particular mix, while hoping that they find satisfaction themselves in the person concerned.

The dramatic differences in who gets messaged online can leave some users high and dry.

Unlike in real life, dating site users who get a ton of messages, rather than being overjoyed and overactive, usually become disenfranchised and distant.

Men and women alike spend thousands of hours of their life in pursuit of that special someone. Which is why making a business out of romance has been an age-old pursuit: florists for courtship; jewellers for marriage.

But this seems to take us further and further from our object: meeting the love of our life.

Most popular websites today, like e Harmony, Ok Cupid and, feature quizzes, which ostensibly help line you up with your soul mate.

This the ubiquitous sales-pitch of online dating: they net you the man, woman or vampiric lover of your dreams.

A very subjective version of “science” is deployed in place of efficient matchmaking.

Instead of fixing holes in a flawed concept, dating websites are fixing holes in the user’s online experience to make them spend longer on the site, so they can be served more advertising.

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In 2005, 37 per cent of single people in the US with access to the internet said they used online dating.

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