Does updating iphone delete voice memos

i Fun Box is one that comes highly recommended by many.

However, with the i OS 8.3 update, many file managers cannot access applications like they did previously.

It’s best to have a backup in case something goes wrong during editing and exporting.

Tap on the recording and from the expanded view, tap on the three dotted menu button. The duplicate file will show up instantly, right below the original file (with a “copy” post text at the end). The app lets you trim, delete and replace parts of the recording.

Now that Voice Memos app is redesigned and you can even choose the audio quality, is it enough to go back to it?

Or will you keep using a third party voice recorder?

When you delete a recording for Voice Memos, it isn’t actually deleted. If you’re the kind who mistakenly deletes old memos, this feature will be really helpful for you.

Disclaimer 2: Let me tell you this first: If you don’t have any backups of your i Phone, don’t use i Tunes for i Phone backups and don’t have Time Machine backups of those backups in i Tunes, you’re likely out of luck.They didn’t find any such issue mentioned in their support database though and apparently, none of the supporters I talked to ever heard of anything like that before, despite it being mentioned all over twitter).For understandable legal reasons, as they never recommend “random” 3rd party tools as a matter of principle, they couldn’t recommend the solution detailed in this blog post, but suggested a more general solution, involving only Apple tools and services (see at the very bottom of this post; if you don’t mind the risk and backing up your i Phone to i Cloud, you could try this alternatively).After a quick assessment, I decided to go with another solution as all in all, it seemed more transparent and promising, less time consuming and with an acceptable risk for me.Idea and big picture: Extract the lost voice memos from an old i Phone backup in i Tunes, ideally the latest backup before the release/installation of i OS 12, i.e. Disclaimer 1: Although the following tips worked fine for me, I can’t guarantee they’ll work for you too – you follow these steps at your own risk.

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Tap on the three dotted menus from a recording and select Edit Recording. Voice Memos you can now choose what audio quality to record in.

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