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As was his habit, Paul took advantage of a Beatle-less vacation out of the country and, while away, found the atmosphere perfect for writing a song.(See “Things We Said Today” and “Yesterday” for other vacation-inspired compositions.) “I wrote that on a skiing holiday in Switzerland, in a hired chalet amongst the snow,” he remembered in 1984.This vacation took place in March of 1966 with girlfriend Jane Asher in Klosters, Switzerland where they rented a chalet about half a mile from town.In the book “Anthology,” Paul goes into greater detail: “I was in Switzerland on my first skiing holiday. ’ and quite liked it, so I went back and ended up in a little bathroom in a Swiss chalet writing ‘For No One.’ I remember the descending bass-line trick that it’s based on, and I remember the character in the song – the girl putting on her make-up.”Past interviews from Paul hint at more than just a fictional character for the woman in the song.In their 1966 classic “For No One,” instead of the third party comforting his friend with the words “” remaining.

As time progressed, their growth as composers took the "third person" love song to a different level.

At any rate, take 14 was now the finished product up to this point.

With tape copying and mixing being performed on other songs on this day, the session finally wound down at am the next morning.“Occasionally we’d have an idea for some new kind of instrumentation, particularly for solos,” relates Paul.

“On ‘For No One,’ I was interested in the French horn; because it was an instrument I’d always loved from when I was a kid.

It’s a beautiful sound, so I went to George Martin and said, ‘How can we go about this?

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