Double your dating mr right

However, while De Angelo normally does a good job on research, this part came across as weak.

He introduces some frameworks from "The Five Love Languages", Myers-Briggs and NLP.

Valuable content here on what your expectations should be for a woman, and how she can bring a positive influence to your life and you to hers.

This is definitely for guys at an advanced level - if you can't hold up a relationship, then it would be difficult for you to fathom starting here.

A lot of time is dedicated to dealing with emotions in relationships with DVDs 5, 6, 7 & 8) dedicated to this.

Concepts such as 'emotional waves' and 'holding space' will help you deal with a variety of situations in relationships.

basically this program is similiar to his others - 12 hours of guys talking about changing there lives.

This is mostly a mindset, almost philosophical product, which has its value but is not for guys who are looking for step-by-step techniques to apply in specific situations, it's more complementary to those.

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and start living the LOVE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS Your friend, David D.

For instance De Angelo identifies these as the Deal Breakers for a woman: - You don't want a woman who will accept excuses for not doing what you need to do - You want a woman that can help you heal your emotional wounds (i.e.

everyone has them, and its through positive relationships that they can be healed) That's beyond the expectations of nearly every guy I've met - but the logic is tight.

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It will make you think, reconsider your past behaviors, and probably lead you to some simple but tough actions - if you have the courage!

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