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Es TCo URT S'^ Thomas of Cheristou Pinkncy M' of the Chancery, livemg ■w" Jo: his brother in tow B. , , , Wykdham S'- Wadham of Salisbury Justice of the Kings bench, have it. MOMPBSSON S' Thomas of Corston ab' Jo Stradling K'. John Popham K' 2* son Lord Chief=r Amice d"' & heir of Justice of England father of S' fraucis see Heme's History of the Charter House. John de Popham habet liberam War- rennam in Pojiham, South. Also a great Number of Pedigrees of Noble Families, etc." Le Neve's Knights, Cole's Inquisitions (very often referred to in these pages, now Harleian MSS. Le Neve's Baronets, a companion collection to the Knights, in three volumes (Lot 725 in his sale), is in the College of Arms. every branch of Genealogy and Heraldry, but he has left behind him no completed work. The v/or As page un A folio are used indiscriminately by Le Neve. Hawkmore S'' George of Buckland K''' 10 March 1675. 410, 411, 756-60), the Book of Nobility (sometimes referred to as " my English Nobility," now Harl. Such is of necessity the fate of all the labours of the herald; the world goes on increasing, while death prevents him from recording its generations. This is the only point on which I feel compelled to differ in opinion from so worthy an antiquary ! 386, where pedigree of Turnor will be found under " 5802 fo. I have only indicated the commencement of the folios, and not put a second mark where the back or B page of them begins, it being quite superfluous to do so. L CATALOGUE OE THE KNIGHTS EROM THE EIRST YEAR OF THE REIGN OF KING CHARLES THE II. Heraldry a study which only loads the memory without improving THE UNDERSTAif DING. AND QUEEN MARY, KING WILLIAM ALONE, AND QUEEN ANNE. Peter Neve, or Le Neve, as he called himself, in imitation of Sir William Le Neve, Clarenceux, of whose family he was a collateral, was born January 21, 1661-2, educated at Merchant Taylors' School, appointed Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of Arms 17 January, 1688-9, and created on the 25th May, 170J? He was a Fellow of the Royal Society, and of the Society of Antiquaries, of which he was at one time President, and the descendant of a family seated at Tivetshall in Norfolk as early as the reign of Henry the Fourth.f He appears to have been a man of no mean ability, though perhaps somewhat eccentric, and was a zealous and indefatigable antiquary, — and one who, if we may judge from the following pages, never made an assertion when beyond his mere personal knowledge without quoting his authority, or shrank from stating the truth from the now, alas ! Clopton, who, being a Warwickshire man, seems to have been asked when anything was wanted relating to persons who descended out of that county. will be found a list of knights with notes to each, of the persons from whom Le Neve meant to ask information, or a reference to the book where he might look for it ; to many of the pedigrees also a note is added of the name of some one from whom it might be obtained, as at p. 140, " c^'' at D" Com'ons." References of this kind are so numerous throughout the work, that I cannot do more than call attention to them as one of Le Neve's most important sources of information. K"' of J Slaning S'' Nicolas Slanino of Marston bar', bath \ Rolles S'' John of Bicton. 2^olumc mdih r OE THE TEAE MDCCCLXXIII, He Mt Mts 33etiigms of tjje iinigfjts MADE BY KING CHARLES II., KING JAMES II., KING WILLIAM III. D., FELLOW OF THE SOCIETY OF ANTIQt TAEIES, i ND HONOEABT SECEETAET OF THE HARLEIAN SOCIETY. LONDON : MITCHELL AND HUGHES, PBINTEES, WAHDOUE STEEETj W. At a meeting of the Harleian Society held ou the 13th December, 1871, the offer of Mr. I have carefully collated this transcript with the original, and I am thus enabled to place a verbatim copy of Harl. 5801, 5802 before the members of the Harleian Society. He made enquu'ies of the persons knighted where possible, their friends or ac- quaintance, from his brother heralds, — as for instance, from Mr. You on right way :-) Here you will find how dog doing girl, girl mounted by dog, and will know more about sex with dog.

Here under ueath this spacious Stou 3 Lies Peter Neve, that faithless one His Life and Death Declar'd the man, Deny it Neighbours if ye can." PREFACE. Besides these, the Great Register of Nobility, the books of Funeral Certificates, the Partition book, Vincent's collections, the book of Benefactors, Walker's Grants, Le Neve's Baronets, Arms of Knights of the Bath (M 7), Sheldon's books, Dr.

i,jiiecuon oi his own, to which his references are almost innumerable.

This consisted of copies of the various Heralds' Visitations, Collections of Pedigrees arranged under Counties, Ordinaries of Arms, and books of Grants and Dockets, Church Notes, books of Pedigrees arranged alphabetically, Old Deeds, etc.

A., to edit this volume was accepted, but this design was unfortunately prevented by the death of that gentleman on the 15th of June, 1872.* The Society having purchased Mr. from his widow placed it in my bauds with a request that I would edit it. ^ r* t~» '*•/ ,' k VI PKEFACE, truth that " this King at Arms was an honor to the College/' and that he possessed " a very accurate and extensive knowledge of antiquities."* Peter Le Neve died on the 24th September, 1729, and was, in pursuance of his testamentary direction, buried at Great Wichingham in Norfolk 1st October following, t Le Neve appears to have made use of every available source in compiling his pedigrees, as a glance at the following pages will evidently shew.

Mark Noble observes with * An obituary notice of Mr. The following is a list of those most frequently mentioned : — ' Lives of the Chancellors ' (' The Lives of all the Lords Chancellors, etc.,' by an Impartial Hand, London, 17J2) j Stow's ' Sui-vey;' Dugdale's ' Antiquities of Warwick- shire' and ' Origines Juridiciales ;' Ashmole's 'Antiquities of Berkshire;' Atkyns' ' Gloucestershire ;' Aubrey's ' History of Surrey;' Prince's ' Worthies of Devon;' Thoroton's 'Antiquities of Nottinghamshire;' Wood's 'Atheuse Oxonienses ;' Chauncy's ' Antiquities of Hertfordshire ;' Thoresby's ' Topo- graphy of Leedes ;' Leycester's ' Cheshire ;' Crawfurd's 'Peerage of Scotland ;' Torr's ' Antiquitie of York ;' Enderbie's ' History of Wales ' (' Cambria Triumphans ') ; Morgan's ' Heraldry ' (' Sphere of Gentry ') ; Adams' ' View of London' ('A New View of London,' 2 vols.

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