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For now I will just do the characters who are the most important in the story. Disclaimer: I do not own Charmed or Twilight, I only own the plot of this story and the characters I named."You know I have never thought my life would turn out this way, running into you all again.She just laughed, "I don't need you worthless wisdom Bella.

The CW's Charmed TV show was a 60 minute fantasy/horror series on the WB Network (now the CW Network) about three sisters who returned to live together in the house where they grew up. Inspector Trudeau Rose Mc Gowan ...................... Assistant District Attorney Cole Turner (2000-2003) Brian Krause ...................... Alyssa ended out getting a role as the orphan, "July". A picture of her was used as a model for "Ariel" in the Disney classic movie, "The Little Mermaid". Aaron Spelling produced this TV show and so many other ones that only a very few of his best known can be listed here. Here they are: "Johnny Ringo (1959)", "Daniel Boone (1964)", "The Mod Squad (1968)", "The Rookies (1972)", "Starsky and Hutch (1975)", "Charlie's Angels (1976)", "The Love Boat (1977)", "Fantasy Island (1978)", "Hart to Hart (1979)", "Dynasty (1981)", "T. Hooker (1982)", "Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990)", "Melrose Place (1992)", "7th Heaven (1996)", "Charmed (1998)".

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She also is an avid spokesperson for women suffering from breast cancer. Alyssa Milano's career began when she was 7 year's old.

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