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These two professionals know the value of collaboration, and they want to continue learning and growing by reaching out to matchmakers and dating professionals who share similar goals and business models.

Nancy said they can help more people by referring to other leaders in the matchmaking industry and advising each other on the latest tools available.

“The more we can collaborate as an industry, the better off everyone will be,” Barbara said.

“The extent to which we all collaborate and pool our resources together determines our success.

Their philosophy is that dating should be easy and fun, and that approach has led to many happy endings in South Florida and Boston. “I could tell right away that my experience with them would be different,” she said.

“I was impressed by their wide social network and ties to the community.” M. ended up falling in love on her first introduction.

The Scoop: In the last few years, Miami-based Barbara Black Goldfarb and Nancy Gold have cultivated a reputation as caring and collaborative matchmakers.

Their boutique matchmaking firm, Elegant Introductions, has provided personalized assistance to hundreds of singles in South Florida and Boston.

They’ve launched a forward-thinking matchmaking tool called Worldwide Matchmaker to create a centralized database where matchmaking companies big and small can share their resources.

These matchmakers are more than willing to share their expertise with other professionals in the dating industry.

Barbara and Nancy told us that collaboration is necessary in their line of work, and they look for ways they can work with other matchmakers to create more helpful tools and give clients access to the best resources possible.

Barbara and Nancy told us they believe the future of matchmaking lies in collaboration because that’s how dating professionals can maintain an impressive success rate without spreading themselves too thin. Nancy Gold have been best friends since childhood, but they didn’t become business partners until 2012, when they decided to start a matchmaking firm.

They were pretty green at the time — Nancy said they didn’t even know there was such a thing as a dating industry — but their outgoing nature, people skills, and educational backgrounds served them well.

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The column uses a question-and-answer format, so the matchmakers have the chance to hear from typical daters and address their concerns in a personable way.

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