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There's no harm having them around for a short period.If you were unlucky enough to notice some broken packages after the update then you would be sure that they aren't a result of removing any loose dependencies.Using the deep option will update the package and it's dependencies.# Regular: view update then do it update [email protected] # emerge -puv world [email protected] # emerge -uv world # Deep: view update then do it update [email protected] # emerge -puv D world [email protected] # emerge -uv D world # What might be albe to be removed?These instructions have been created by an active contributor to Gentoo, Nick Fortino, to take a 2006.1 installation and update it to a current stable system.(Which I hope is much more extreme than anyone needs).This reference is not meant to be complete or authoritative, it's a crash course.Only daily necessary skills with Portage will be discussed, the See Also section has links to more information.

Unless you have a requirement like low HDD space then you can come back and depclean at less regular intevals. You should really upgrade your Gentoo installation on a regular basis. This post attempts to help out someone that is trying to bring an unmaintained installation up to date.Under most circumstances it is probably easier to reinstall after a certain point.After this update, emerge is used to check for updates, install those updates and to possibily remove old cruft from the system.Some example settings from /etc/Time of execution varies based on delta between the local tree and what is latest, more changes equal more time.

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