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During an interview with Jet Mag.com, she said work has helped her deal with her breakup from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.“It helps to block out all the noise,” she said.“When I have all this drama going on in my personal life and unfortunately, it’s all over the media, I can just work and put my time and energy into that.

'They are keeping it very quiet and have been trying to be private about it' a source revealed.'Everyone welcomed me, and Doug Ellin just really made it feel like home on set for me.It never felt uncomfortable.' Before Gadecki, Kevin dated socialite-turned-actress Lydia Hearst, whom he met through mutual friends via Facebook.Gadecki told Us Weekly that being part of the cast was not easy.'It was really intimidating, truthfully, going into it,' she confessed.'They're all best friends, but then, it ended up working out awesome.

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