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(Gibson don't appear to really set up their guitars it needs a decent set up)e. But the epip I bought is already set up ready to go. Oh and I fell in love with it when I bought it, lets face it beauty is only skin deep but when you look at something like an sg... Read Full Review Written on: 17/06/2009 I found this review not helpful because the guy is deluded.There is no comparison between a Heritage H535 and an Epiphone Sheraton.After I learned to play a little better around the late 1980's, I traded the Riviera for a Sheraton wineburst new with a case, I was very satisfied with the trade.

I like the 3 part neck (made in Korea) and the way the neck feels up and down the fretboard.

It's the guitar John Lennon walloped on stage, yet nobody could hear him, I wonder why ? Read Full Review Written on: 20/07/2010 Acutally, it was an Epiphone Casino that John Lennon 'walloped' on stage.

Very similar appearance to the Sheraton, but completely hollow inside and P90 pick-ups instead of humbuckers.

bits loose but u can tighten everything, the gold wore out quickly but i dont mind it looks used.

very well made guitar should stand the test of time if it has been taken care of… Read Full Review My guitar instuctor has an early 80s gibson 335, it falls short of that in sound only and not by that much.

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Having been a big teenage Alex Lifeson fan, an ES335 was always my dream guitar, but with my medium quality skills, I couldn't justify the costs. Found my Epiphone Sheraton in a flea market for 400.00 bucks. The instrument itself sounds darn good unamplified and for old seasoned players like myself that's a good indication of what it would sound like plugged in.

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