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My sincere apologies this happened - we are looking into ways of making sure this cannot happen again. (Make sure to reload the apps dashboard.)If you still have one that's missing can you paste the app id here?I'm still missing the majority of my apps.395120080593788 is one, I believe. My personal one stayed active, the one tied to work did not.If any of them becomes invalid or is not updated automatically, you may receive the error message.Here, we will refresh the data of your Messenger application.This means that your facebook user account has failed a security checkpoint and needs to log in at https:// correct the issue. We clearly made a mistake.(I also work at Facebook) We have systems that block spammy apps that are 99.9% of the time really incredibly sophisticated and get a ~0% false positive rate. All of my apps just vanished, including lots of apps that were built for clients.Mainly, the access token represents the authorization of a specific application so it can either authorize the login or access some information of the user.

The short term plan was to make sure that we got developers up and running again.

This is no more than a mere bug in your android device.

Your smartphone keeps track of all the access tokens related to Messenger.

Please do comment on the bug link if you're still having issues.

Anyone at Facebook reading this and have any idea who we can contact to try and get this resolved?

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If you are a complete beginner in the development environment, we recommend reading some detailed coding material to gain insight into access tokens.

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