Error validating server certificate svn

Just install the server certificate in the client's trusted root certificates container (if certified it's expired may not work).

For further details see this post of similar question.

Certificate information: - Hostname: VT-2008 - Valid: from Wed, GMT until Sat, GMT - Issuer: VT-2008 - Fingerprint: ca:::ce:77:5b:7a:8c::0f:70:3f:26:c1:e7 (R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently?

It's recommended to replace the default self-signed certificate for a certificate signed by trusted Certificate Authority (domain or third-party). If you wish to obtain certificate from your corporate Active Directory Certificate Services, contact your system administrator or follow the instructions provided in the article below: How to sign server certificate with Active Directory Certificate Services Generally speaking, it's not recommended to use self-signed SSL certificates in production.

If the data on your screen does not match, your connection may be compromised.

Reject the certificate and contact us directly and include the full error in your message. string cmd Arguments = [email protected]"/k svn log --trust-server-cert --non-interactive """" --username alex --password alex -r "; Process Start Info cmd = new Process Start Info("cmd.exe", cmd Arguments); cmd.

Use the fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!If this matches what you see on your screen, then you are really connected to us and you can press p to accept the certificate permanently.Subversion will now remember our certificate and your connections will be secured.It can be: An SSL certificate is automatically trusted by standard Subversion clients and web-browsers if it's signed by a trusted Certificate Authority.If a certificate is not trusted by client, the connection will be encrypted but it's not sure that client communicates with the true server.

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