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The rest we just handed over our Medicare card and HBF card and it was all covered.

All the Dr did was explain the procedure, after care and then went and did it.

Taking notice of other people is a powerful social skill that you need to master now that you’re in your 40s.

It’s not all about you any longer.” And don’t forget: if you’re still on the market, check out our Best Dating Apps for Men Over 40.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the essential life skills that you need to master right now—and once you’ve honed your game, don’t miss the 20 Things That Only Men Over 40 Know.

As someone on the cusp of middle age, there are some things in life—whether it’s applying first-aid at a moment’s notice, or simply knowing how to treat a woman—that you need to be able to do to be considered a well-rounded, knowledgeable, and dependable man.

Hi all, Just hoping someone can give me a bit of info on the cost of a vasectomy. Whilst DH said he isn't saying no, he just needs time to think about it (then he had a squeamish look on his face, no doubt thinking about his poor "boys"!! There were also no questions asked, we thought only being 27 he'd have to plead his case (from what we'd heard from other people), but they don't do that there.

I mentioned it to our family GP today briefly, and he said there needs to be a referral to a urologist, so there would be costs accompanying that, but what about the op itself? If you want it done, their view apparantly is it's your body and your choice.

“The best storytellers look to their own memories and life experiences for ways to illustrate their message,” writes Carolyn O’Hara in the Harvard Business Review.

“What events in your life make you believe in the idea you are trying to share?

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