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Best bi dating site for you to enjoy bi chat and date hot bisexual singles and sexy bi couples for romance.Bi Chat Free is safe, comfortbale bisexual chat site that over 830,436 bisexual memebrs who hope to meet new people and have a bit fun.In order to not drag this post to a length that will assure that NOone reads it, I'm going to stop here, and continue later with other information.

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So.........think about this for a minute........a female-bodied, male-brained person has sex with a biological female, is it straight sex or lesbian?

If a male-bodied, female-brained person has sex with a bio-male, is it straight or gay?

My sole purpose is to assist in clarifying some vocabulary, as it relates to the trans community. The information I am about to share is based on my own study, personal experience, and conversations with both trans individuals and professional therapists.

According to the DSM-IV, a transexual is a person who is biologically one gender, but emotionally/mentally identifies as the other.

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