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If unrewarded, the efforts can soon turn to resentment and anger that spills into the relationship. Don’ts and Dos for closing the gap: As our world becomes smaller through social media and increased ease of travel, more and more people are finding themselves in love with someone their parents never considered as a suitable mate. If people dig in their heels, the consequences can be terribly hurtful and long-lasting.

Fortunately, there are less drastic solutions than the romantic death scene in , there are parents who eventually accept their adult children’s choices and even give their blessing. Bend when you can, just because it’s easier for the younger generation to bend a bit as people get to know each other.

But he won't look for my best interest if he rejects this guy cause of culture! I am down and sad and cry all the time and feel that I am in great pain.

I only want this guy if my dad happily accepts and is PROUD of me.

For all I know, a Neanderthal woman had a fight with her dad about her choice of her Cro-Magnon guy. ”) But however timeless and universal the theme may be, when it comes home, it’s painful.

After all, once taking the shahadah, his previous life sins were erased, and he was starting off life with a clean slate.

After much pain, we decided to break up so we can do things right.

He fasted the entire month of Ramadan on his first try and fasts other non-obligatory days.

After his conversion, I knew that we shouldn't date.

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