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The wind carries the pollen from the plants to others of the species, thus fertilising them.

Until recently, the way that the wind was able to fertilise plants was unknown.

When it was realised, however, that plants are divided into males and females, the fertilising role of the wind was also discovered.

Verse 22 of the chapter of al-Hijr of the Quran gives us the following news 1400 years ago, when the importance and meaning of fecundating was not known: “And We send the fecundating winds.” Yes, this verse clearly states that winds have a fecundating property.

These particles carried to higher altitudes by winds come into contact with water vapour up there.

What is notable about Chamoiseau's practice as marqueur de paroles is that he regards the three principal dimensions of language in contemporary Martinique--acrolectal French, basilectal creole, and the spread of interlectal forms that has emerged between them--as mutually (or potentially so) rather than as necessarily, and in every circumstance, antagonistic(30); more precisely, he regards their very friction as a source of creative richness and, beyond that, of pleasure.

This verse points out that the first stage in the formation of rain is wind.

Dali continues in this lyrical mode, claiming that pieces of his shed skin have been deposited, in fact, across the United States, represented by the American flag, that is, "lost in the folds of that night of the future illuminated by fifteen stars large as closed fists filled with seeds of liberty, and stirred by the patriotic wind which, coming from the fifteen states, makes the erect, Seychelles: the secret of vanilla; Vanilla is a mysterious and beautiful orchid vine which for centuries enchanted the world with the aroma and flavour of its fruits.

Tony Mathiot has followed the trail of its fragrance back to its primeval origins and discovers how once upon a time vanilla brought fortune and prosperity to the Seychelles power over Antonietta signifies the regime's ability to make of her, and of the feminized Italian body politic as a whole, (3) the vessel for the engendering of a new breed of italianita, fathered by the Fascist agenda for power.

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What do scientists say about this news given by the Quran?

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