Filtering data and validating data in excel

We have a number of different areas for validation, and the data fueling the pivots is categorized into these areas.When we're validating different areas (let's say Apples, Avocados, and Cranberries), there's a macro that changes the filters in the pivot tables to the specified area and refreshes the tables. I will look at excel formulas from a different angle now.I've inherited an Excel model that displays information for validation in pivot tables.So, if you want the list to be comprised of departments for your company, you can make the source point to some cells else where that have the departments listed.The downside to this way is that if the list is visible to the user and not protected, they can edit or delete the list, probably by accident, but it can happen.

Refreshing the table doesn't work, manually reapplying the filters doesn't work -- the only fix I've found is to fully recreate the macro again, and then it works for a while before breaking again.Cloud Customer Connect is Oracle's premier online cloud community, specifically designed to promote peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing of best practices, enable members to keep pace with product strategy, and provide a cloud solution feedback channel directly to Oracle development. I just searched for conditional formatting based on values on a list. You can find all of these resources and more here in the Oracle Help Center.See Manage Cloud Accounts and Services to get started with Oracle Cloud.

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Has anybody experienced this before, and do you have any guidance on how t o fix it?

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