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They are: On top of HOW you choose to respond or react to her flake you can also assure it doesn’t happen in the first place.

There are certain things you can do which will make it far less likely to happen.

Instead of channeling his anger for good – he would just push it on someone else and he justified it by releasing it on the person who he felt deserved it. Here’s the exact quote pointed below from David De Angelo’s Advanced Dating Techniques program.

He’s wasting valuable time and calling out a woman for doing something which is really not that bad at all when and if you understand ALL the reasons why a women will flake on a guy.

Think about it from her point of view and just realize – it DOES and WILL happen.

I had a friend who would always choose this option. His eyes lit up when I let him in on a little secret because surprisingly enough, and if you knew the dude you’d understand this point – he actually listed to my opinion.

She noted that the two earliest sites, Ubeidiya and Gesher Banat Yaacov (G.

laking out or having a woman flake out on you generally means she agrees to go out with you for a date but backs out within hours or continually does it to you – leaving indefinitely “you on the hook”.

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