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Some more reasons you might not want to use Flex: The odds of you producing a UI that is better than what you can do with HTML, CSS, DHTML and AJAX is 1% at best.

Sure the 1% isn't scientifically derived but that's my been my experience on the WWW.

There is no massive xml file to download, the xml is a source file. ") There is one more reason why one might not want to use Flex: search engine optimization.

There can be a substantial swf file to download, but in my experience it's comparable to 3) doing anything complex in html takes a lot of javascript. Flex is simply not suitable for sites that depend heaviliy on search engine results for traffic.

I’m pleased to say that the first draft of my latest book, “Effortless Flex 4 Development”, is now complete.

In fact, I’ve already done the rewrites on half the book and should complete those this week. The table lists all of the top level sections, but doesn’t reflect specifics covered in subsections or addressed in sidebars.

While the rule is certainly not absolute, if you are writing something that has more in common with an application (to me this also usually means that it doesn't correlate well with the back, forward and stop buttons) Flex might be the right choice.

"since this giant XML file must be downloaded" - this shows that you know nothing about how Flex works.Personally, I don't think TSS is the right place for this kind of post.All the OP is really doing is asking for some kind of language war.For some people there will be some pains they have to go through when entering the Flex world.And for some people these differences might not be acceptable because in one way or the other it can affect the productivity of the developers in the team.

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Doing almost everything in Flex is quite different compared to regular web development using html, css and javascript (or web 2.0).

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