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Contacts can be copied to your hard drive as v Card (.vcf) files.Alternatively, you can copy your contacts directly into Microsoft Outlook on PC or Address Book on Mac OS X.Amarok Homepage: About: Amarok includes the following features: Album cover detection and downloads, lyrics support, wikipedia integration, contextual information (a quick view on your currently played music, and suggest similar track which you might like), statistics, integration, multiple media devices support (Apple i Pod, i River i FP and T players, Creative Zen and Nomad players, Generic USB players, Generic MTP players).Amarok is available as a pre-compiled binary for many Linux distributions, and its source is available for those of you who prefer compile your own programs.

Find out more Touch Copy enables you to copy your photos and videos from your i Pod, i Phone and i Pad to your PC or Mac hard drive.

Tutorial: How to use Banshee to manage your i Pod in Ubuntu Screenshots: Floola Homepage: About: Floola includes the following features: Cross platform (works on any Windows (98 and above), any Mac and any linux distribution with GTK installed), Portable (put the application on i Pod and launch it on any PC), add and extract songs to and from your i Pod, integrated with Last.fm, add artwork to your songs easily, lyric support even on older i Pods (3G and above), Videos can be added to i Pod, Growl support (Mac only), Tutorials: Floola installation FAQs Notes: Floola was the only of the 10 i Tunes alternatives that I couldn’t personally test.

Floola (at this time) requires that i Tunes 7.3 has never touched your i Pod (works with i Tunes 7.2 and lower), and sadly 7.3 is the version of i Tunes that’s on all of my computers. But I can’t test it right away as I no longer have direct access to an i Pod. Screencast: gtkpod Homepage: gtkpod is a platform independent Graphical User Interface for Apple’s i Pod using GTK2.

Call logs include the date that the call was made and the duration of the call.

This overview details the features (with screenshots) of 10 different programs other than i Tunes to manage your i Pod.

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Tutorials: How to use Amarok to manage your i Pod in Ubuntu How to install Amarok in Ubuntu (and get it to play MP3s) Screenshots: Banshee Homepage: About: Banshee includes the following features: Rips music, burn CDs, share your music, displays cover art, tons of plugins, controllable via keyboard shortcuts, smart playlists and the ability to rate your music.

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