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If the site was free or ad-supported, it would not be a big deal.But the system is designed so that users are lured into upgrading to a paid account in order to respond to messages from interested "women".Lewis Goudy (talk) , 21 October 2016 (UTC) Thanks Glen, good edits. In fact I think it used to be even higher, like the 25th most popular site on Alexa.Anyway you can see my comments above about the systemic problems with fixing this article.I just don't know if we'd have the development time.' Someone please dig the attribution of that post back out of page history.

(Not an exaggeration -- I used their service for an entire month, and 11/11 of the messages I received were scams.) AFF has an obvious business interest in tolerating this situation (while insisting that they don't), and this is as close to being a scam as possible without being overtly illegal.

We need to find a way that we can emphasize these criticisms without being libelous.

The problem is that as far as I know no one has ever done any scientific research on fake dating profiles.

In particular, critical content keeps dissappearing from this wikipedia article, and there is only one party who stands to benefit from the false impression that AFF has "some problems" but is otherwise legitimate. I agree with everything you say and have seen the same thing myself firsthand.

The problem is that the situation is very hard to quantify and Wikipedia has a policy against original research.

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Please keep in mind Wikipedia policy when stating 'facts' in the criticism page which are not only unverified but, in actuality, not true.

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